icon 110學年度圖書館資源利用指導課程申請單 Library instruction


The Library encourages faculty and students to request

library instruction tailored to their courses and


1. 參加人數五人以上才可申請圖書館資源利用課程,人數不足時,也歡迎您隨時向館員接洽。

1.The minimum number for making online request is 5. You may contact the librarian, if you are less than 5.

2. 參加人數二十人以上時,請提前一週申請,以便向學校申請電腦教室﹙C305、C304或人社院電腦教室A﹚。

2.In case you are more than 20, please submit the form at least one week in advance.

3. 除了填寫申請單外,也歡迎您直接向圖書館參考館員接洽,分機:1428、1429、1427。

3.Other than requesting online, you may dial extension

1428, 1429, or 1427 for assistance.

4. 線上報名時,請務必於備註欄填寫"參加人數"、"上課日期時間"及"欲瞭解之館藏資源",以便圖書館作業

4.While requesting online, you must fill out “the number

of people”, “date and time”, and “the need”, so the

Library can tailor to your need.

5. 線上報名後圖書館會再主動與您聯絡及安排場地。謝謝!

5.The Library will arrange meeting place after receiving

your request, and contact you.



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